White Sheets Now Available

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Our brand new range of white sheets is now available.  We have a lot of feedback from customers and potential customers asking about white sheets, so we listened and here is the result.  We think these sheets open up a whole new world of Kink. For along time that world has focussed on dark and sombre colours but recently it is opening up to bright and fresh colours. We like to believe our sheets are part of that trend.  With our white sheets now available we are helping to move this forward. Exactly the same high quality of fabric is used for the white sheets as our standard black sheets.


  • Fluidproof
  • Seam-free
  • Tough yet tactile
  • Breathable
  • Light weight
  • Easy to launder.

justIf you live in a shared house, or perhaps dry your sheets on the line, with our now available new white play-sheets you won’t have to worry about what people think.  At a quick glance the sheets will look like normal bedding and it is only when you examine them closely you become aware of their tactile feel and fluid-proof qualities.  Many of our customers leave our sheets on the bed and sleep on them, or leave them ready for use. Wherever you leave them these new white sheets won’t stand out.

These playsheets are initially available in a limited range of fitted sheet sizes, along with a flat throw. If we don’t have the size you want as a stock item you can always take advantage of our unique Custom Programme. Have one made to order in the size you require.  You could even order a matching duvet as quite a few of our customers have done.

The unique engineered fabric we manufacture our sheets from is resistant to a wide range of fluid and other products and is even wax resistant. Some products and in particular coloured waxes may stain. If you are into wax play in a big way we recommend sticking with our black sheets.  Otherwise black or white have all the same great qualities.

Now Available in Stock