Tess Tesst – Review of Funsheet Plus

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Illustration of man and woman promoting Tess Tesst BlogFor all our Dutch friends out there here is the first review of our product written in Dutch, by Tess Tesst,so please read and enjoy it.

For all you English speakers you will have to make do with some edited highlights from the review.

“Sheets of San Francisco has come up with a product that is no less than genius”

“The Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Plus is in my opinion really made with the Kinkster in mind. The fabric feels rubbery, but is not cold and dirty, but feels nice when you lie on it. Due to its composition, it does not absorb any liquids, candle wax does not stay “in” but until now everything I have been allowed to drop, flow and drip is super easy to get rid of.”

“Washing, and drying is no problem and even after 10 washes my sheet still looks like new.”

“Despite the fact that the sheet is not cheap, it is more than worth the investment”