Stroking the Surface : Tactile Delights

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Fingers stroking a black fluid proof sheet covered in moistureStroking the Surface is the second part of the ‘Beneath the Sheets’ anthology series. If you haven’t kept up to date with this anthology then we suggest starting here for an explanation. From there it’s up to you how you wish to sample what our sheets have to offer. Enjoy the read.

It’s a crime against desire that ‘dimming the lights’ has been painted as an act of shame or sexual disgust. Not only do those who fall victim to such a mind-set reinforce a state of low self-esteem that is entirely unwarranted, but those who would impose it out of malice or some form of cultural humour are missing out of some of the most enticing aspects of sex.

What It’s All About

Sensory deprivation – be it by turning off the lights, using a blindfold, or going to kinkier lengths- isn’t a necessary part of sensation play, but it is one of many elements that can be incorporated. What matters most is the addictive allure of putting yourself at your partner’s mercy and the thrill of allowing your senses to lead your thoughts for an exquisite sexual experience.

is a pure delight and there are many ways to go about it.

Varying Ways to Play

In a rather poetic and somewhat George R.R. Martin manner, most people start their exploration of sensation play with a venture in to ice and fire. Not literally, playing with fire but experimenting with temperature variation is an extremely effective method of discovering where your limits are and in what ways you respond most appealingly to sensation play. It’s also easy and relatively inexpensive, which is perfect when just starting up.

Ice cubes are a popular choice, so is a chilled glass sex toy, or even a refreshingly cool drink on a hot summer’s day – if it has bubbles then all the better.

For heat,  warmed hands can be run across your lover’s body stroking the skin, some freshly warmed oil can be drizzled over the body, or combine the two elements with some frosty ice cream and some heated chocolate sauce, great if you are working up an appetite too..

Creativity is the name of the game when it comes to sensation play. This is also reflected in other implements that can be used to tease the senses: Feather dusters, pieces of ribbon, a ruler, your own hands, lips and teeth all stroking the skin. Sensation play can eventually include pinwheels and spanking, and many other fun objects from the BDSM repertoire, but at its core, it is the feeling of the experience that matters – what you discover about yourself and the connection you forge with your partner as body language becomes a driving force in your play.

Messing It Up

Of course, as with any sex act, if not practiced in a safe, sane, and consensual manner, then sensation play can have some more dangerous elements to it.  Always have a safe word (or even action) in place, gags, hoods, and vacuum toys are discouraged for those just starting out, and if using candles and oils you’ll want to make sure to use the correct kind and start with low temperature options.

But we are assuming that anyone interested in sensation play has already done their fair share of Google searches (especially if you’ve ended up here). What we’re talking about is the other kind of ‘mess’ that sensation play can induce—the kind that messes up your sheets and furniture.

A feather duster may not leave much of a mark in the bedroom, but massage oils, or chocolate sauce certainly will. Ice cubes, although essentially just water, may leave your bed damp and undesirable for after sex embraces, and most people’s desire to change the sheets straight after sex is essentially non-existent.

But spending time lying down together after sensation play is an incredibly important part of the process. Why? Being a form of BDSM, sensation play can essentially leave the recipient immersed in their own ‘headspace’, lost in dreamy thoughts, and generally overwhelmed by what’s just occurred.

Because of this an aftercare segment of sex is a must. This is a period where you lie down with your partner/s, give them the best and most loving physical contact to help bring them back to a more lucid state, and generally discuss what happened and the highs and lows of the experience.

None of this is possible if the mess you’ve made hinders your ability to lie down together afterwards. Which is why we’ve found that sensation play goes excellently with our sheets.

Keep the Sheets Clean (By Putting Our Sheets On)

In our previous article, we already touched on some of the ways in which our sheets may be good for sensation play (specifically with regards to oil) and how they can inherently play in to a sensation session. The tactile surface of our sheets acts as yet another element to bring in to play when dabbling with sensations, as you feel your body stroking its unique texture with every subtle motion.

We’d also like to think that the sheets themselves can be a creative tool for sensation play. While lying down on it, the edges of the sheet can be lifted and brought in to actively brush against the skin, tempting and teasing the recipient with the very space they’re chosen to lay themselves down on. But, in terms of practicality, it is the fluid proof element of our sheets which is of most use.

Capable of withstanding water, oil, lubricant, and, yes, even hot fudge and ice cream, without as much as a residual mark, our sheets allow you to indulge in sensual play sessions without disclosing your sexual habits to any visitors, nor ruining your after session (or aftercare) fun.

The waterproof aspect of our sheets and its ability to essentially contain liquids on its surface also means that (as long as you’re sensible) you should be able to pour, drizzle, and glide any surface across a person’s skin without having to worry about where it’s going, if it’s spilling too far, or if it will leave a stain.

In short, it’s not just your bed we’ve got covered; looking out for your sexual exploration is our vocation. And as long as people keep on indulging in the brilliant experience of sensation play we’ll be here to provide the right sheets for the job (in this case our throws are particularly useful).

In the Sensual Glow

In the satisfied aftermath of a worry-free sensation play session all you need do with our sheets is cast them aside and enjoy whatever aftercare you choose. Having some adult wet wipes to hand may be useful, to make sure any residual mess is off your body before returning to your covers, but if well-planned then our sheets can be the perfect addition to a sensation play session.

Or, if you’re so inclined, a gentle and grounding massage could even be part of the aftercare session, in which case leave our sheets right where they are and allow us to continue putting your mind at ease while you do the same to each other’s bodies.