Stroking The Surface – Squirting

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Droplets squirting through the air on a grey backgroundWelcome to Squirting, the first segment of the second part of our ‘Beneath the Sheets’ anthology, ‘Unfolding Desire’. Here we start to look at some of the more intimate and perhaps slightly ‘taboo’ uses of our sheets. In all cases we will be treating these topics with respect and understanding. We’re sure you’ll do the same.

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It’s been described as everything from gushing, to squirting, to the more clinical, but still rather empowering, female ejaculation. One thing is for certain: it’s definitely #NotPee.

What Is Squirting?

For many, squirting is still an elusive or enigmatic aspect of sex – the tantalizing mystery behind the curtain of sexual delight. Some people claim that a squirting orgasm is the key to the best climax ever, and more still actively seek “squirters,” or strive to perfect the art of squirting for themselves.

Science are still figuring out the details of squirting.  The detail, is under debate and there are obvious biases which we will address later in this article, however it’s generally agreed that squirting is the release of fluids during sex, either from, or around the vagina.

Many believe that this release of fluids is from the skene’s gland, which is located on the upper wall of the vagina, and the action of squirting can release either a small amount of fluid or a formidable gush.

Yet, although squirting has its critics, it also has many fans. Google ‘Squirting Sex’ and you’ll get close to 12 million responses, most of which are porn.

Amazing particularly when you think how reticent people can be to talk about or even acknowledge it.

How Can I Squirt?

For those who have seen squirting, or heard of it, and have a sudden desire to recreate the action we do have some disappointing news for you: Squirting may not be an involuntary action but it’s also not necessarily something that everyone can do.

Like being able to touch your nose with your tongue, or creating a pitch-perfect whistle, squirting is something that comes naturally to some, can be worked towards by others, and is a quirk that others simply won’t be able to muster.

That doesn’t mean that you should give up your squirting dreams but it does mean that, when aspiring to squirt, it pays to remember that you are not a failure nor broken if you cannot squirt. All bodies are different and awesome in their own ways and yours is undoubtedly full of sexual prowess, squirting just may not be your forte.

A key aspect of hoping to squirt is also to allow your body to relax so that it can have a chance of achieving sexual pleasure. Sex and nerves, or even the fear of not reaching a certain goal, rarely produces positive results. So save yourself the worry and just enjoy your sexual experiences. I mean, what’s not to love about enthusiastic fucking?

But, if you do want to try squirting, we have some tips that you might find handy:

  • Get your Kegel exercises in daily. Strong pelvic muscles aid in enhanced sexual pleasure and control, so you’ll want to make sure your pelvic floor muscles are solid while your G-Spot swells.
  • Aim for the G-Spot and don’t shy away from pressure. Many people claim that the key to a good squirting orgasm is having either a firm hand or sex toy give them a persistent pressure on this erogenous zone. Even if you don’t squirt a good G-Spot orgasm is not something to be dismissed.
  • Don’t neglect the clitoris. Most vagina-owners cannot orgasm from internal stimulation alone, and there is absolutely no shame in grabbing for your favourite vibrator when going for a gushing finish. Strong vibrators are good and wands such as the Doxy or even the Sybian are historically great, but you’ll soon learn what works best for you. Oh, and make sure your toy is waterproof. Which brings us on to our last, perhaps most crucial piece of advice…

Put Down Some Sheets

One of the biggest fears or worries that aspiring and existing squirters alike have, is that they’ll end up dampening their bed or indeed wherever else they may be having fun. This apprehension can often be enough to cause people to clench up due to concern about the clean-up session that their pleasure might cause.

As mentioned before, nerves can massively hinder any attempts to squirt, meaning a fear of making a mess is a direct hindrance to any attempts to reach this coveted pleasure point.  Plus, to some degree, it’s reasonable to consider clean-up a concern. Who wants a wet and messy bed after sex that they’ve got to deal with? It’s not exactly conductive to a post-fuck cuddle session, that’s for sure. Which is why putting down the right sheet can be everything.

By selecting a good, waterproof sheet you essentially make sure that you’ve got yourself and your bed covered for any potential squirting adventures. This eliminates worry because you know that, as soon as you’re done, you can simply remove the sheet and give it a quick clean. Problem solved. Pressure’s gone.

We may be a bit biased but we believe that the broad coverage, soft surface, and 100% waterproof qualities of our sheets makes them an excellent partner for squirting. But, hey, if you’re not sure about a full sheet, especially if you don’t squirt much, why not try some pillow covers first and lay those under you to for some localised cover? Call this a cheat but we’re confident that what you see out fabric can offer you’ll soon be back to complete your bedroom set.

Plus, and this means a lot to us to say…

We Support You

From about 2015 onward squirting has been afforded increased scientific and media attention and the results have been less than graceful.

A scientific study undertaken on squirting, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, took an ultrasound of squirting individuals before and after ejaculation and found that the fluid emitted was largely comprised of the same fluids as urine.

This is fascinating research – especially as it found that the bladder would be empty before sexual arousal and would literally fill to facilitate squirting upon climax. It’s like a revelation of the female body’s knowledge of what feels good and capacity to achieve it with extreme biological prowess. It’s a shame most online press outlets didn’t feel the same.

‘Female ejaculation, or ‘squirting’, may just be peeing after all, study says’

‘Squirting is just peeing, Science says’

‘Study concludes that women who squirt during sex are actually peeing’

That last one was from a site that had the word ‘Science’ in its title too – as if this is definitive and not simply a point of scientific curiosity.

The overall atmosphere of these articles is depressingly negative, shaming, and devaluing of what is, prevalently, a form of female pleasure and sexual ownership. It aims to discredit, disvalue, or otherwise deprive women of the pleasure their bodies can produce.

Add to this that squirting was banned in British pornography in 2016 and you have a society that strives to repress the act of squirting.

And, to this, we give a huge, unapologetic, middle finger and if our teddy mascot, Elvis, has fingers we’re sure he’d do the same.

Sex should never be about repression, shame, nor the vilification of all the amazing things our bodies can do and we firmly believe in sexual freedom and liberation. When it comes to squirting our sheets won’t just facilitate a care-free attempt, but we also welcome you giving it a try.

Use our sheets to find your relaxation point, exercise whatever fluid-based arousal you wish on them, and gush to your heart’s content. We are here to provide the tools, and we support you wholeheartedly, but you’ve got the power.

If you’re a squirter then please, give our sheets a try, and we will be happier knowing we’ve given you yet another tool in your arsenal to achieve sexual delight. And, if you’re aspiring, then know that we wish you all the best and you won’t need to worry about a single stray droplet as long as you have our sheets to hand.