Sex Tips Series – Warming and Cooling Gels

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Blue gel beads in a jar in a splash of water

On The Sheets Today

Warming & Cooling Gels – the latest in our Sex Tips series. Short suggestions to help you get the most out of your time on our sheets.


What is it?

This time of year minds go so easily to temperatures.

It’s too chilly outside, or its wonderfully cold and bracing – preferences depending, of course.

Colder days and darker nights bring a deep desire for warmth too. That romantic dream of being cosy by the fireplace or cuddled up under warm blankets is commonplace for many of us.

With such a strong focus on comfort and chills the mind can so easily be tempted by sexual sensations too.

And nowadays such temperatures can be readily found, even on the shelves of your local pharmacy…

Heating and cooling lubricants are two different types of product which aim to create specific sensations in the body. The clue for which type of sensation really is in the name. Depending on what you want these lubricants will either provide a warming sensation or a cooling one.

The choice of which is all yours.

Our ‘How To’ Advice

  • Sensation lubricants are a bit of a tricky one, namely because they use ingredients to create a very noticeable physical reaction from the body.
  • For cooling ingredients, the main component tends to be menthol or a similar mint-based component. This tends to lead to a product which will feel tingly, chilling, and enhance touch by making you more aware of the area.
  • Warming lubricants are a bit more ambiguous with what primary ingredients they use. Sometimes a warming lube will even have the same core ingredient as cooling lubricants (methol) but will have used it in a way that will ‘confuse’ the body in to providing heat instead. Warming lubricants heat the area, sometimes in a gentle manner, sometime with an intense glow. Think deep heat but genital-appropriate.
  • Speaking of deep heat, if you know that you dislike the sensation of medical warming or cooling gels then you’ll likely not appreciate their sexual counterparts. Buying a non-sexual, over the counter heating or cooling gel (or both) and applying it to your arm or a similar small piece of skin will give you a good idea as to whether you like such gels and, if so, which one your preference is.
  • Even if you can guess your preference, or have done some testing, it pays to be careful when first using these products. Only put a little bit on the skin first and try the arm again first before going for the genitals. Even if you are fine with one product you may respond quite differently to another.
  • Allow a little time to adjust to any temperature changes before applying more lube during use – adding further lube to pre-applied sensation lube can cause quite the extreme sensation!

What Are The Key Benefits?

  • The increased blood flow promoted by these lubricants often swells the genitals more, allowing for greater performance and stronger sensations.
  • Sensitivity is also often augmented by these lubricants, meaning that things that usually feel great often feel even more amazing.
  • Such lubricants are relatively inexpensive but can make a massive difference to a play session. This makes them a very cost-effective form of erotic investment.

Some Extra Tips

  • Not all sensation lubricants are created equal. Some use dangerous ingredients, or ones that simply don’t work well with a person’s body. Always look at the ingredients before buying a sensation lubricant. If you see any that you know don’t work for you then avoid them.
  • Combine sensation lubricants with a finger play session; it really makes it clear just how amazing our bodies can be and how much can be achieved with dexterity and a good lube.
  • Vibration and sensation can work together but warming and cooling gels are better afforded to finger play, penetration, using other sensation items, or adding more sensation lubricant on to pre-existing applications.
  • Remember – It’s important to make sure that everyone involved in play with warming and cooling gels is okay with them. That means testing the reactions of all involved and not just the primary user, especially if planning oral or penetrative interactions.

Bringing In The Sheets

  • Lubricants are always better used when you have a way to make sure that your delicates remain protected. Our sheets offer up a way to protect your bedroom (or any other room) while using warming or cooling gels to your heart’s content.
  • Some people have found that they are more capable of squirting when using these lubricants. Even if you’re not usually a squirter, our sheets provide additional protection and reassurance during this new form of play.
  • Warming and cooling lubricants don’t just respond to themselves – icy or warm water can also contribute to further sensations. Employ our fluid proof sheets and you can experiment with adding hot and cold water to already primed bodies.

Best Used For

Reconnecting in a more intimate way. Inexpensive sexual play items. Couples looking to dabble in sensation play.