Sex Tips Series – Kegel Balls

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Purple kegel Balls hanging on a stand against a background of a black fluid proof sheet

On The Sheets Today


Kegel Balls – the latest in our Sex Tips series. Short suggestions to help you get the most out of your time on our sheets.

What is it?

What are Kegel Balls?  You may have heard of ‘Yoni Eggs’ – apparently ancient weighted eggs or balls that were used in ancient China to maintain vaginal strength.

While this may be currently discredited by archaeologists, there is something to be said about maintaining good kegel strength and yoni eggs, kegel balls, and other kegel exercisers are great for this.

We have a group of muscles deep in our genital area known as the pubococcygeus muscles (or the levator ani) which is made up of the pubococcygeus, puborectalis and ileococcygeus and, just like any other muscles, these can become weak and no longer able to do their duty if we don’t give them regular exercise.

For the levator ani this is a bad thing because it controls (among other things) bladder control, ease of birth (and post-natal recovery), and sexual pleasure.

Think about it; orgasms involve muscles contracting and releasing. If the muscles involved aren’t strong then neither is the climax.

Kegel exercises are what we do in order to strengthen these muscles.

This involves long and short holds (clenches) which are done in a certain way. But for many people it’s hard to know if these exercises are working, or if they’re being done right, which is where kegel balls and similar come in. Not only do they offer something to focus on when clenching but they also often come with weighted variants which allow you to strengthen the muscles even more.

Think of it as body building for your sex muscles!

Our ‘How To’ Advice

  • Kegel exercisers come in all different shapes and sizes – eggs, single balls, two balls attached by a tether, interchangeable balls, and vibrators made to give physical feedback. To start with we recommend buying a pair of balls that come in a sleeve.
  • Such pairs will often offer interchangeable weighted balls which allow you to start off gently. First you use just one of the balls, then use the sleeve to use two and then can gradually increase the weight from there. This method allows for the best progression.
  • To use these balls you can either insert them and do clenching exercises (10-15 sharp squeezes 3 times a day, or slower holding squeezes of 10 seconds each for 10-15 for variety) or you can simply wear the exerciser for a prolonged time and allow your muscles to passively hold them for a few hours.
  • You can also mix these two methods up for even more effect.
  • In addition to strengthening the muscles – making sex more impactful – these balls can also feel rather arousing themselves, offering even more benefit for foreplay.
  • Lubricant makes these balls easier to insert and remove if needed, as does buying some with a body-safe retrieval cord.

What Are The Key Benefits?

  • Strengthens your kegel muscles for better climaxes.
  • Makes any clenching motions during sex more noticeable.
  • Offers postural, urinary, and pregnancy benefits too.

Some Extra Tips

  • Some kegel exercisers come with a small, free moving ball inside that jiggles for extra sensation. Not only are these great for providing feedback but they also feel amazing during use.
  • If you’re a fan of vibration then using a vibrating egg can also work, although you will have to focus on your clenching motions a bit more.
  • ‘Smart’ kegel exercisers are also available which integrate with an app to provide real time feedback. These are great but tend to be larger, so factor this in if considering one.
  • Male kegel exercisers are also available, though these operate differently to kegel balls.

Bringing In The Sheets

  • Have your partner insert and remove the kegel balls as part of an erotic play session, involving lots of lubricant and using our sheets to cover any bedding from getting messy.
  • Lie on the sheet and begin your pelvic exercises, getting your partner to guess when you’re clenching and releasing based only on the subtle movements of the sheet.
  • During a sexual encounter have the kegel balls inserted and get your partner/s to pull them out at the point of climax. This may lead to squirting, which you’ll be thankful to have some waterproofs down for!

Best Used For

Anyone who wants to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles to experience the best and most ‘physically fit’ sexual climax they can.