Scandarella Does Wet and Messy – A review

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Scandarella Logo on a dark background of a book with a flogger and a pair of handcuffsA very thorough review from Scandarella  where she gets a little wet and messy.  its fair to say she really put our sheet to the test and tried it with all sorts of fluids, and I mean all sorts.  The review also highlights the versatility of the flat throw, use it in the bedroom, throw it on the floor and even pack it in your luggage for a holiday to save making an embarrassing mess in the hotel room.

“All the elements are there; great packaging, brilliant product, fantastic service from a fantastic company…”

“Sheets of San Francisco have created what I believe could be the best indirect sex product available today.”

“..when it comes to this Sheets of San Francisco piece, everyone who does anything connected to sex or sensuality, bondage or impact play can find a use for it.”

“It covers both of my sofas just fine, protecting them from whatever the Fella and I decide to get up to. Sofa sex is back on the menu!”

“How awesome is that, though? Your messiest playtimes, be they those I’ve mentioned or those I haven’t (I’m looking at you, piss players), all cleaned up and bunged in the washer”

If you like Wet and Messy, if you are a bit of a “squirter” or even if you just enjoy intimate massage sessions, check out the review for yourself here