Fluid Motions: Urine Play

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Urine Play Image of abstract golden splashWelcome to Urine Play, the first segment of the third part of our ‘Beneath the Sheets’ anthology, ‘Fluid Motions’’. In this section we get nice and messy exploring all of the wonderfully kinky and fetish-based fluids that might grace our sheets with their presence. Fetishes about and a splash warning is an absolute must.

We started our last section with a look at squirting, something that’s definitely #NotPee, so what better way to start this section that with the real deal? Oh yes, urine for some fun this time round (as if we could resist that pun?)

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They say that most people are drawn towards careers that they have a personal investment in and this was certainly the case for Havelock Ellis – a Victorian sexologist, and co-author of the first book on homosexuality way back in 1897. Havelock had a problem, you see: While he was a progressive social influencer in the fields of sex, sexuality, and fetishes, Havelock himself was completely and totally impotent.

This continued to be the case until Havelock reaches his 60s, at which point he somehow managed to witness a woman urinate and, lo and behold, it turns out he liked it.

Havelock was a hardcore Urophiliac – someone who gains sexual gratification from urine and urination – and golden showers were the key to his sexual liberation at sixty.

Back in Havelock’s day, the act of sexual urination was a little hard to accidentally stumble upon by mistake, hence the lamentably late revelation. But nowadays, thanks to the internet, Urophiles can discover their desires at a much younger age, and golden showers are so well knowns, they’re practically mainstream (that ‘stream’ being yellow and warm).

Playing With Pee

Of all the activities in our exploration of the uses for our sheets, urine play is probably the most contentious to date. There’s something about urine play that just sits poorly with many, the thought of it causing instant revulsion for quite a few or even a sense of bewildered amusement. One need only think of the political scandal with Trump and #goldengate to see this in action.

Yet, when #goldengate hit, Pornhub reported a 289% increase in searches for ‘golden showers’, demonstrating that, although we sometimes like to act reserved about our sexual interests, most of us have at least a mild fascination with the idea or urine play.

Call it waterports, golden showers, or Urolagnia, urine play is all about enjoying urine and the act of urination in a variety of creative ways and getting wet is all part of the fun.

Why Engage In Urine Play?

For those who enjoy urine in a sexual context, there are many reasons to cherish the flow and feeling of this golden fluid. The wetness, the sensation, the warmth. Urine is a natural tactile enjoyment, that is readily available after just a few glasses of one’s chosen fluid. If you can muster up a full bladder then you can get involved in urine play, making it one of the most equipment-light fetishes out there (although accessorising is always an option).

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons most people give for enjoying urine play is breaking that social taboo that we’ve all put on urine and urination outside of restrooms. Think about it – from the moment we were young enough to learn, most of us are told exactly how to urinate, where to urinate, and that the process is something that you ultimately want to be entirely private in nature. Heavy restrictions on urination and the firm behavioural conditions to when it’s okay to relieve ourselves are drilled in and we’re typically shamed or ridiculed if we break these in any way.

Urine play allows for an active defiance of these rules, and creates a liberating sensation, both mentally and physically. The release of urinating may, for some, be similar to the release felt as a submissive, where social expectations are equally surrendered as you give yourself over to the situation at hand. If you can understand how freeing being at the whims of a dominant is, then you’re got the mind set of Urophiles down, even if you don’t share in how they explore their personal release.

Equally, dominants might enjoy sharing in (or encouraging) this release, and guiding their sub into the enjoyment of urination. In such instances the urine that they watch flow from their partner might be gratifying due to what it represents, in addition to how it feels.

Considering the shame associated with urine, it’s also very easy for people to make the link between urination and acts of humiliation and voyeuristic exposure. Having someone see you urinate and punishing you for it is something that some Urophiles enjoy greatly. Equally the supposedly ‘dirty’ nature of urine can mean that some feel humiliation from being urinated on – golden showers with a degree of domination.

Social aspects aside, urine also just presents a really great play option.

Not only is urine a practically cost-free addition to sex, but it can also offer great variation in terms of strength, scent, warmth, and sensation depending on how it’s received and how you choose to use or share it.

Much like sharing saliva, cum, or squirting, urine also represents a willingness to share intimate bodily fluids, and there’s a certain amount of enjoyment that can be derived from testing different forms of urine play (or drinks and food beforehand) and seeing how it affects play.

What’s more, as long as the person urinated has the sexual go-ahead in terms of STIs, urine poses no health risks and is considered to be sterile in that healthy urine contains negligible amounts of bacteria and waste material. Just make sure neither of you have any bacterial infections either.

Putting Down The Sheets

At this point your own thoughts on urine play might have lessened and you may be receptive to the idea of embracing your own flowing liquid gold. Alternatively, you may already be a Urophile and you’re lusting for the next great addition to your activities.

Either way, we know that many of our clients enjoy combining our sheets with their urination and would like to make a few suggestions about how the two could go together for beginners in addition to suggesting new ways to enjoy sheets in you play.

Keeping Things Clean: This is the obvious one, but we like to think of it as ‘an oldie but a goodie’. Sheets of San Francisco are designed to be waterproof and to make sure that no stray fluids ruin your fun.

If you previously kept your urine play activities in the bathtub or shower due to not wanting to wet the bed, carpet, or anywhere else, then our sheets open up new options in terms of location.

What’s more, we’d like to think our sheets are warmer and cosier than the cold, firm surface of a bathtub (or even the rubbery, pool-like qualities, of inflatable adult baths) meaning they could even be used as a complimentary addition to your usual locations.

Adding Another Sensation: Enjoying how urine feels on your body may be part of your play experience, but have you also considered how that urine feels against different surfaces? There may just be additional enjoyment to be had in feeling (and hearing) urine trickle on to and cover the surfaces of our sheets. What about moving around on top of this urine and feeling how it alters the way your skin interacts with the urine? Just a few starting suggestions for you sensation lovers among our readership.

Temperature Play: With urine lingering on the surface of our sheets, you may suddenly find that you get to experience how it looks, feels, and smells at different temperatures in a way that might not have been viable before. Like warm vs cold drinks, some might find that they have a clear preference, but having the option to discover this preference is where the fun lies.

Combining Kink: Our sheets typically come in black but we also offer other colours and a bespoke print service for those who wish to enjoy it, so why not take advantage of this by combining a few fetishes at once?

If you’re a fan of Watersports and have an intermingling medical fetish then our white sheets are wonderfully clinical and ready for you to book in an appointment with the Urophile in your life.

Adult babies and their dominants may also find that a bespoke baby-print sheet is perfect for when those little trickles slip out during changing sessions. Whether or not our sheets go from ‘changing mat’ to ‘play mat’ after that is up to you. Just know that, when it comes to your free flowing fantasies, we’re dedicated to making them a waterproof reality.

Just A Trickle

And that, sad to say, concludes this look at Urophilia and our sheets.

We could say more, so much more on the topic: Looking, for example, at the link between water sports and queer culture and exploring how acts of urine play, facilitated by products such as ours, can play a pivotal part in carving safe and celebrated spaces for the representation of queer sexual identity, but then we’d need a whole other article at least.

Instead we’d just like to thank those who have found a use for our sheets when it comes to urination. The link may be an obvious one, but the possibilities are seemingly never-ending, and we hope you find an exciting way to combine the two in your own play sessions.