Face Sitting – The Latest In Our Sex Tips Series

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Black and white photo of a womans bottom to illustrate fasciae sitting

On The Sheets Today

Face Sitting – the latest in our Sex Tips series. Short suggestions to help you get the most out of your time on our sheets.

Face Sitting – What is it?

Sex should, for the most part, be an equal opportunity game. But not always.

Sometimes a bit of selfishness is needed. In fact, sometimes it’s desired.

Many individuals have a burning desire to be used for their partner’s personal gain – to have their body become a pleasure device for their partner’s greedy and insatiable needs.

That’s where face sitting comes in.

Face sitting is such a strong fantasy for some people purely because of the one-sided nature of it.

Unlike 69 – where both pleasure and focus are divided – face sitting is all about putting the attention entirely on one partner. In doing so both actually gain much more benefit from the experience.

The person receiving the face sitting gets to enjoy being dominated while feeling the full sensation of having their vulva (usually it’s a female on top action) stimulated. Meanwhile their partner gets the thrill of being used purely for their sexual prowess, showing off their potency, and being reassured that they have nothing to do except enjoy the euphoria of tasting and feeling their partner’s body making contact with their face.

The action has roots in the BDSM movement and is often a girl-on-girl or girl-on-gent occasion. Power play is a large part of the appeal, and those who are sat on gain immense pleasure from the experience of being truly underneath their partner.

In this way face sitting is still a very mutual exchange of gratification, but on an entirely different level.

Our ‘How To’ Advice

  • Some people worry that face sitting is dangerous or they might hurt (or suffocate) their partners, but there’s no need for fear! Face sitting is very straightforward and safe when done correctly.
  • The most important aspect of face sitting is to find a position that you’re both comfortable with to engage in the activity. Some people prefer hard surfaces such as the ground, but the bed is always a good option.
  • Test out the position by doing a preliminary sit. If it feels okay for both of you (and breathing is still unhindered) then you’re good to go.
  • There is a worry about breathing among some people. We promise you’re not going to kill your partner/s through face sitting! If worried, however, then put in place a safety grip or tap that is easy to distinguish in the moment. It’s likely you won’t have to use it but it’s always nice that it’s there.

What Are The Key Benefits?

  • Pleasure becomes focused in the moment.
  • Domination comes in to play.
  • There is a level of confidence that can be gained by the sitter.
  • It’s a comfortable and exciting position for oral sex.

Some Extra Tips

  • If you’re a fan of flavour then you might consider adding oral lubricants to your face sitting session. For added fun mix a few flavours together and have your partner guess the mixture in between sits. This gives them breaks to breathe fully while also being a cheeky game. ‘Punishment’ can even be more sits (in which case they might never guess the flavour, funny that!)
  • Face sitting can be done in different positions but cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are favoured for the most part. This is a matter of practicality. Both these positions allow face sitting to be done comfortably and offer up the vulva for full sampling.
  • For added fun have the one doing the sitting engage in naughty, denigrating, or dominating talk. Adding a fantasy element in to the scenario can heighten things even more and add an extra degree of arousal.
  • Personal hygiene is important for oral sex. Make sure that the sitter is clean and that those giving the oral sex has a good dental practice and that any facial hair is clean and well catered for. A wash of the face never goes amiss, just make sure you don’t use anything abrasive before the activity.

Bringing In The Sheets

  • It’s always a good idea to have a waterproof surface under you during face sitting, especially if you anticipate things will get messy, or if you’re a squirter. Our sheets are primed for any face sitting shenanigans that you have planned and will keep you covered no matter what.
  • Some fabrics or surfaces can be rather slippery when trying to thrust or gain reliable leverage during a face sitting position. Our sheets offer up a good grip that should allow you to face sit for prolonged periods without discomfort.

Best Used For

Anyone who wants to fulfil a fantasy of domination while also engaging in an oral sex action. Or those who want to surrender themselves to their partner while engage in an activity that is bondage-free.